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What is Ayurveda?  Ayurveda means “the Science of Life.” It is the traditional natural healing system of India, having been practiced there for over 5000 years.  Its purpose is to provide a framework of health for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. The main tools Ayurveda utilizes to achieve health are diet, lifestyle, herbs and bodywork.  

What are the doshas? Ayurveda recognizes three primary life-forces in the body, or three biological humors called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which correspond to the elements of ether & air, fire & water, and water & earth. As the active or mobile elements, they determine the life processes of growth and decay. 

What are the cosmic forces? The three forces of life, light and love relate to the three great elements of air, fire and water. 

What are the srotas? The human body is composed of innumerable channels that supply the various tissues of the body. The Sanskrit word for such channels is srotas. Health consists of the proper flow through these channels. Disease is improper flow, which may be excessive, deficient, blockage, or flow out of the proper channel altogether. The excess doshas move into the channels causing these various wrong flows. 


Questions Relating to Products

What are Ayurvedic products? Ayurvedic products are preparations using traditional Indian herbs taken to facilitate a health condition or out of balance dosha.  

How do I choose an Ayurvedic product from this website?  Choose by product, health topic or herb. 

Why should I use oil daily? Of all the practices of Ayurveda, the daily use of oil is the most fundamental.  Find out why.  

Why are Tri Health’s products so unique?  Our products follow the proper recipes according to the thousands of year old tradition, made by a lineage of Ayurvedic physicians.  Many Western versions are watered down versions which don’t use the correct formulas and hence lack efficacy. 

How were the products developed?  These products have been developed according to three streams of knowledge over thousands of years

What are arishtams? These are naturally fermented herbal wines with the efficacy of the herbs preserved indefinitely. 

What are herbal oils? Oils serve as a vehicle for the subtle power of herbs. In this way, precious nutrients and healing properties can be effectively transported deep within the tissues, vitalizing the skin in the process. 

What are avartis? Read more.

What are leyhams? These are also known as herbal jams, the most famous of which is Chyavanaprasam (Chyawanprash.) Rasayanas  (revitalizers) are most often administered in the form of Lehyams. 

What are rasayanas? Rasayana are revitalizers.  They increase longevity, energy and stamina*. 

What is chyavanprasam? Widely known as “Chyawanprash,” this is the most famous of Ayurvedic Rasayanas.  It is one of the closest things to a universal rejuvenator — affordable, tasty, effective, beneficial to most and harmful to few. 



Questions Relating to Treatments

What are Ayurveda treatments?  Treatments are used to bring the body mind and spirit into harmony through a combination of cleansing, rejuvenation and maintenance treatments. They can incorporate elements of diet, lifestyle, herbs and bodywork. Chief among Ayurveda’s outstanding attributes is its recognition of the uniqueness of each individual, thereby allowing treatment to be tailored to that individual and their environment.  

What is Ayurvedic Oil Therapy?  As Dr David Frawley states “Oil is specific for Vata (wind) disorders. As these constitute the majority of diseases, oil therapy is essential for most forms of treatment. It is indicated in diseases of the nervous system, bones and the deeper tissues. It is useful for the other doshas as well”.  Oil therapy consists of massage and/or pouring of herbal oil on the body.  

How do I Self Massage?  For many health-concious people, Ayurvedic self-massage is becoming a part of their daily ayurvedic lifestyle routine.  First, the appropriate oil is selected.  Ideally, the oil is heated to slightly warmer than body temperature. It is then applied to the entire body, or to specific areas of attention. 

What is Shirodhara? Warm herbal oil is continuously poured on the forehead in a rhythmic manner. It enhances circulation in the brain and improves memeory, bestows sound sleep and nourishes the hair and scalp.  It treats stress, travel fatigue and excess vata. 

What is Pancha Karma?  Pancha Karma forms the fundamental basis of Ayurvedic treatment.  This line of treatment emphasizes the importance of cleaning the body channels (srotas) by eliminating (shodana) the metabolic waste products (malas). 

Does Tri Health offer treatments?  We have a traditional Ayurvedic Spa in Kauai offering a range of treatments.