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Since 1993 TriHealth Ayurveda has been a leading role in bringing the knowledge and practice of the rejuvenating traditions of Ayurveda to the West. One important role is our emphasis on the Therapy of Pancha Karma which forms the fundamental basis of Ayurvedic therapy for holistic wellness.

Discover Your Natural Balance

Whole food herbals based on ancient texts
remaining essentially unchanged supporting holistic lifestyles

About TriHealth

Organic Origins

To ensure the highest efficacy of our products, the herbs are grown according to tradition without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

Clean & Green

Our products are are tested from heavy metal to ensure the safety of you and your family.


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Organic Is Not Enough

Ayurvedic products consist of numerous herbs in special preparations that have been developed over the centuries. Ayurvedic products should be authentically produced according to traditional Ayurvedic pharmaceutical guidelines. Ayurvedic products made in the West seldom follow these guidelines, as the West does not have a comparable industry to make such complex preparations. Yet few Ayurvedic products imported from India are produced according to these guidelines either. Being organic and part of fair trade procedures, however valuable, does not guarantee that a product is made according to authentic Ayurvedic procedures. Ours are entirely authentic Ayurvedic products produced by one of the oldest, most famous most respected Ayurvedic companies in Kerala, India and supplied to many Ayurvedic doctors and hospitals in the country. Make sure to purchase “Authentic Ayurvedic Products”, and do not make the mistake of confusing Organic with Authentic.

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