Recipes of the Sages

The products we sell are based on recipes that feature in original historic Ayurvedic texts dating back hundreds - thousands of years.

It's exciting to think that even now these herbal supplements and massage oils are manufactured based on those same recipes.  Even more exciting is that the same lineage, that is families who have been in the tradition from the beginning still make these formulas, and that Tri Health Ayurveda makes such a large selection available in the US.

In todays climate, with so many subtleties involved in the manufacture of supplements, it is not surprising that many of the new wave of supplements are not effective.  We know our formulas really work, as they have stood the test of time.

We are delighted to play a part of preserving this ancient wisdom and bringing it to you.

For your interest we have reproduced extracts from various historic texts for some of the products we stock.

These statements are for historic interest only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ayurvedic products are preparations using traditional Indian herbs taken to facilitate a health condition or out of balance dosha.

They have been developed through tradition over thousands of years.

Traditionally the ingredients were sourced from the Himalayas, due to the vital energy and soma qualities that were imparted there.  However due to the similarities to the Himalayas, many of the herbs were found to grow in the Western Ghats, a biodiverse rich mountain range, and world heritage site, of which the state of Kerala in south India falls into.

The recipes for the preparations are found in the Ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, written by Sages. Over time herbs have become obsolete and replaced according to the experience of the tradition.

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