8 Branches of Ayurveda

The health care activities were entrusted to selected families who were proficient in the 8 branches of Ayurveda. The literal translation of Ashtavaidya is 'Eight Scholars/Physicians' probably referring to the mastery over the 8 branches of ayurveda.  


These branches are:

1.    General medicine: Kaya Chikitsa

2.    Surgery: Salya Chikitsa

3.    Ears, nose and throat neurology: Oordhwanga Chikitsa

4.    Pediatrics: Bala Chikitsa

5.    Toxicology: Damshtra Chikitsa

6.    Genatrics: Jara Chikitsa

7.    Gynaecology and Rejuvenation Therapy: Virsha Chikitsa

8.    Psychiatry: Graha Chikitsa

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